What’s Baby Blues…?!

After bearing, rightly become the beatify moment for a mother. Because she get the infinite grace that’s a child. but for some mother would be a sad time even not comfortable. This situation is known with Baby Blues (postpartum blues).

What’s Baby Blues..?!

Baby Blues is a condition in the form of emotional reactions, which are temporary and can be experienced by mothers who’s bearing in a first week. Baby blues causes is body biochemistry factor and life stressor by each individual. Biochemistry factor is hormonal changes that occur when the mother is pregnant and giving birth. Meanwhile, life stressor is related to their psychological condition of each mother because pregnancy.

Baby blues / postpartum blues symptoms are mild, only occur in a matter of hours or days for 1 week after birth. Symptoms can be recover total by itself. While in some cases of postpartum depression and postpartum psychosis can be up to injured themselves even children, so that people on both types of last  mental disturbance need hospital treatment.

Baby blues are experienced by a mother after the birth can be cured. By means of appropriate process through counseling, therapy pharmacology for instance by giving drugs antidepressant, as well as with family therapy.


The experts have found how to lose weight without effort, without drugs, without injections or surgery, including:

Eat Cheeseburger
consumption of food rich in protein such as steak, cheese and burger can burn 71 calories more each day, that is enough to lose weight 7.4 pounds a year.

Eating avocado
Avocado contain more fiber than fruit and vegetables. Therefore, it is necessary to dissolved more calories than other food.

Favorite food
Add favorite foods such as ice cream, brownies. Diet can make a decrease in body weight more successfully.

Eat Apple before eating
Eat 1 apple fruit is not only steer the doctor, but also can help reduce body weight. Fiber content of apples can reduce total cholesterol up to half.

Eating Snack after Dinner
Eat a snack such as popcorn, yogurt, after dinner and eating snack each 1.5 hours after dinner can help lower body weight

Drinking Chocolate Milk
Calcium in dairy products (not supplements) may reduce absorption fat to 19%. Chocolate contains iron and chemical substances that provide energy to the brain, which can burn more calories.

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Healthy Skin Maintenance

Healthy skin will make some people look more fresh and young. Especially for women who want to look beautiful and ageless, and healthy skin is one of the most important that must be observed. What should we do if we want to have a healthy skin?

Don’t Smoking
Smoking will damage our skin in small circulation, thus making our skin look dull and not bright. in fact, add the wrinkles on the skin, especially on the skin around the mouth.

Balanced diet
Diet with healthy food that is balanced contains many vegetables and fruits to meet the adequacy of vitamin, mineral and anti oxidant.

Sports with regularly will make a healthy skin, and the ideal body weight.

Adequate sleep
Sleep is necessary to improve the body's cells are damaged, including skin cells. Make skin and body back fresh.

Reduce Alcohol Consumption
Excessive consumption of alcohol can also damage the heart.

Protect your skin from the sunlight
Danger from the sun is a ultraviolet-ray emission, which can damage the skin collagen network. Your skin will be thin and wrinkles easily.

The stress
Besides can damage your healthy, stress will also affect the face and your body shape.